Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Baby It's Just You I'm Thinkin' Of!"

{These photos taken at Dyess Colony}

The Vintage & Cool event is almost over and I still feel like I've not even tapped into anything so I really hope you've all been there and looked around and of course, I know most of you snagged this outfit. The dress was honestly one of my favorites of the event, are we allowed to say that? Haha. Well it's true! With it's simplicity, soft floral print texture, it really did embody the theme of the event. Great job Delirium Style! The dress has so many different prints to chose from, make sure to check them all out and, it's a fair EXCLUSIVE so don't miss it!! I paired it with Eudora's Vintage & Cool release which complimented each other well with another soft floral print design on the wedges and a HUD that allows you multiple color options on the material as well as the wood part of the wedge.
I decided on doing a school girl kinda look with this outfit because...I've always loved the vintage style and being able to enjoy a teenage life during that era, I think, would have been amazing! Albeit heartbreaking! As it seems so many of the icons were so tragically/abruptly taken. Although I am in Johnny Cash's boyhood home of Dyess Colony (in SL) my heart was wrapped around Elvis during this post...well all of them. Elvis, James Dean, Patsy, Buddy Holly, Ritchie...we could go on forever, I love them all! So my post is dedicated to them, the ones that kept/keep our heads in the clouds, make us sing along and keep us in an era far better than the one we're in right now!

Oh I got more to show you, gimmie a sec <3

Skin: [PF] <Crystal> - Doll V2
Hair: MOON // Hair // North Circular - Essentials @ Vintage & Cool
Eyes: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Mayestic Eyes ] - [ Anemone)]
Mouth: [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - VIctorian Floral @ The Body Mod

Dress: D-Style - My Vintage Dress @ Vintage & Cool
Wedges: Eudora 3D Vintage Wedges ( Slink High) / Copy / Boxed
Books: .::DMD::. Bookset 3 Textures and 2 Hold Options (AO compatible)

Clemmm Shi variation 2

I Put A Spell On You

{These Photos Taken at Pulse Games-Don't Panic!}

We are at the ten days left count till Halloween and I am all too excited! This is honestly my month of happiness. Where I feel like everyone else is the weirdo and I am the one who is normal. Where my year round household decor is more lively because tis' the season for hauntings! Where I feel like for just this month, people can appreciate all my spookiness. So of course I get to play around with spookiness right?
Have you all been to Pulse for the Don't Panic! game? I made one round so far and then went back for pics. I know I will be back many many times, if not not to just hang out there and giggle at people in their confusion. If you see me around, feel free to nudge me if you need any help! 
I ran into some awesome finds between Collabor 88 and the Tag Gacha and made a bewitching lil outfit to doll up my wicked new skin from Mystic Canvass!
Make sure to hop around to all the places, play the games, snag the wicked goodies and enjoy yourselves during this awesome time of year!
See you soon!! <3

Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Dedra Skin Peachy With Appliers
Hair: +Spellbound+ Velvet // Jet Black @ Tag Gacha
Eyes: Don't Panic Prize Rat 3 (The Stringer Mausoleum-#7 of 8): *TSM* Possession Eyes [Legacy]
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Ouija Board @ The Cosmetic Fair-Halloween Edition

Dress & Sleeves: Peqe - Spoopy Chic Dress_Black & Peqe - Spoopy Chic Sleeves_Black @ C88
Hat: RO - SpellBinder - Oracle (RARE) @ Tag Gacha
Heels: FK! Designs - Exo Heels -  Classic
Harness: +Spellbound+ Cult Harness // Black (linked above)
Ring: (Yummy) Peek-a-Boo Skeleton Ring @ Tag Gacha

1. (marukin) motelier set @ C88
2. Lumipro Pose (included in HUD)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

"I'm The Nicest Goddamn Dame That Ever Lived.."

Hey hey again! Let me apologize before I get started here for my delay. As much as I would love to blog all day, every day...real life does sometimes act pesky and unabashedly shoves all things aside. But I am here and alive and still kickin'.

I just have so much to show and so little time. With the Vintage & Cool Fair still going, I want to get in as many of the outfits featured there as I can...since Vintage can be somewhat of a hassle to find in our Second Life.
I absolutely adored the Dead Dollz dress for Vintage & Cool. So many ways to wear this but when I saw it, for some reason it reminded me of my ever so snazzy Bette Davis, who I admire so. And of course, it comes with a muff! Who doesn't want warm digits (even pixelated ones) in this kind of weather? (well hey, where I am, it's already cold!)
If you haven't made your way there, make sure to do so. As I am blogging this, we have 6 days till closing time!

See you soon dolls!!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] <Crystal> - Doll V2
Hair: Exile::Check Out Time Blacks @ C88

Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. Vertigo - Dress - @ Vintage & Cool Fair
Heels: REIGN.- Mina Heels- Black @ Vintage & Cool (linked above)
Shades: (Yummy) Miami Heat Shades - Black

Del May - Double take you

Monday, October 13, 2014

Twiggy {Vintage & Cool}

{These photos taken at Anarchist Bay}

I know I have some fellow Twiggy fans as Gia's World followers, I have to! Who doesn't love Twiggy? I remember finding a magazine at a family friends house. She collected things from that era. There was a whole spread on Twiggy and I found her absolutely adorable. With her small frame and pixie style haircut, wide eyes and untouchable style, she definitely made an impression. 
So as Vintage & Cool continues, and the celebration of all that is Vintage & Cool is continuously celebrated in Gia's World, I thought I would make a post in dedication to one of the icons of the 60's.
I do know that SyS have to be Twiggy fans since they made this outfit for Vintage & Cool and named it after her. It also included a set of bug-eyed glasses that I thought were super cute!

I loved using the vibrant colors often used in the 60's era. I love my gloomy pics but this was a completely different thing for me to do. 
I won't keep you though. Make sure to make your way there, if you haven't been to Vintage & Cool already, enjoy the view and make sure to snag all the things that are Vintage & Cool! <3

Skin: [Pink Fuel] Renee <Crystal> - Pure
Hair: Vanity Hair::Cinema @ Vintage & Cool
Eyes: Ikon Ascension Eyes - Evening
Eyeshadow: #adored - last night - smoke pack
Eyelashes: *Redgrave* Eyelashes -32- CandyDoll
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - French Manicure - Black Tips

Top/Shorts/Bolero & Shades: [sYs] TWIGGY @ Vintage & Cool
Boots: ghee Vinyl Slicker GoGo Boots @ Vintage & Cool
Ring: POMPOSITY - Starry Night Ring
Earrings: .Things. - Ember Earrings *Black

1st: Sari-Sari Minimal Nouveau2
2nd: Apple Spice - Fierce Pose Set
3rd:  (marukin) motelier pose set @ C88

Friday, October 10, 2014

Spiked High Heels And A Wiggle In Your Walk {Vintage & Cool}

{These Photos taken at Richfield}

Vintage & Cool fair is one of the main SL events I have been waiting for so are you ready to take it all in? I'm only just beginning and I have so much to show!!
I love it because I get to pull out things already in the inventory and match them up with the new stuff to make one hell of a mash-up.
So the first look I decided to go with was a more rockabilly babe look, but the fair covers 'vintage' in general. From classic to rockabilly, psychobilly and I think I saw some 60's stuff as well! From hair, to skin, to shoes and clothes, accessories, you name it, it's there! Vintage inspired from the 20's to 60's era!
I can't ramble on, so much to show, so little time. It officially opens today so I will give you the landmark but don't use it till 1pm SLT! See you there luvs!!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] <Crystal> - Doll V2
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Anim // Blue Eye
Eyeshadow: #adored - night cat
Eyeliner: .Pekka. Vintage Cat eyeliner
Lipstick for Loud Mouth: Pink Acid Shimmer Summer Gloss + LM Appliers - Berry
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Ghoul Color @ The Big Show
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Rock-a-Dot

Top & Skirt: B BOS -Ebbe Outfit-Dots Black&Red @ Vintage & Cool Fair
Heels: Reign.- Supernova Heels- Black @ K9
Necklace: Cute Poison - Redrum Necklace (hunt gift!)

Izzie's - Leaning Poses

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen, Children of all Ages! Welcome to the Freak Show!

{These Photos Taken at Karneval Der Toten}

Before I go into the badassery I am wearing, lemme share my little adventure. I had ONE picture in mind for this outfit, that's all. So I was in search for the aerial hoop by Catnip....but Catnip is closed in world! *le sob* So I was looking all over the marketplace, went through it a few times because I was sure I had just looked over it or something but...NOTHING! And so I had finally let go of the search and was going to go with my last resort, a trapeze. But I took a chance and teleported to one last carnival themed sim and low and behold, right before my eyes in the perfect bloodied tent was the exact hoop I was in search of all morning!! I did a lil jig in my chair in celebration. Thanks so much to Cin, Trent & Krys for being super inviting, friendly and making a awesomely demented little sim to play in. I see many more blog pics being taken here! Make sure to pop in and pay them a visit! (Slurl linked right under my pics)

It's obvious my photos were strongly influenced by the upcoming American Horror Story: Freak Show which airs tomorrow! I'm SO excited! I have to be thankful right off the bat to my good friends Dizzy and Anika. They were taking no arguments and forced me to catch up with them, as Coven was already at its end by the time I got into this show. Let me tell you...if you're like me, and didn't get into it after the first episode of season 1...try it again. Force yourself to make it through at least the first 3-4 episodes and then give your opinion. The show is amazing! I'm so excited for what lies in store for us this season. I expect only the best!

I am wearing amazingness from head to toe. Everything I have on is snag worthy to the utmost level! My top hat is by Swagga and a piece of art is what it is. It comes with a HUD so can be this shade of black, white or brown. Corset by my hearts fav, DRBC and many more of these corsets in a multitude of prints are available at Suicide Dollz right now! The collar is by FK! Designs and was a perfect addition for my freakyness with its Cthulhu emblem. The skin was basically a freebie! I say basically because it's a group gift and the group wasn't free but is NOT expensive. It came with appliers and was perfect for my creepy lil heart. I will be using it again soon that's for sure. 

Okay okay...I have tons to show you with Vintage & Cool around the corner and yep, I'm blogging it!
See you soon and make sure to attend the Freak Show tomorrow! 

Skin: .la petite morte. VIP group gift Oct 2014 (with lola, phat azz & slink appliers!)
Hair: little bones. Kills no.2 in Red @ Chapter 4
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes - Oxidation
Eyebrows: MOON}. Eyebrows
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Noche @ The Mens Dept
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Cemetery Nightlight

Corset: ::drbc:: secret garden corset - black & red (this one is at the mainstore, other prints available at Suicide Dollz right now!)
Panties: from a DRBC outfit called: ^v^DRBC^v^ Neo Goth Colette Corset & Panties
Heels: ::drbc:: sacred stilettos - promo
Collar: FK! - Cthulhu Collar
Tophat: [SWaGGa] BigBen Tophat @ Totally Top Shelf
Bracers & Garter: RO - Melancholy - Bracers - Inferno & RO - Melancholy - Garter - Inferno @ (previously) the Arcade
Pasties: From Sn@tch's Twilight's Dreaming Outfit

Pose on hoop is included in the hoop
2nd pose: In Lumipro
3rd: Also included in the hoop prop by Catnip

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fae at Play

{This photo taken at Dysphoria}

I have a TON of things to show you! So I am not going to chat your ears off (even though I know you guys missed me long time!). 
The Gathering has opened and DRD has these awesome little fairy outfits in a gacha! Every single color set is awesome in its own way. The wings are gorgeous and the fit of the mesh pieces, top, bottom, stockings are perfect, shapely and adorable! Seriously, I told my friends I might not ever take the stockings off! (that means for like a couple days or so lol)
If you haven't been there, make sure to head over and see what you can see plus snag the DRD goodies. See you again soon luvs! Make sure to hit my Plurk on the right side of my blog to keep connected with me and look for the newly made Gia's World on facebook to keep posted there!

Back in a few!

Skin: -Glam Affair - Cassia America - Sea  Nymph
Hair: .ploom. Vanellope - Dipped
Eyes: Ikon Hope Eyes - Oxidation

DRD-Fairy Outfit- Mix & Match Gacha @ The Gathering

. Infiniti . - Defy Gravity - 8 Pose Set @ The Liaison Collaborative