Thursday, August 28, 2014

Isn't She Just A Scream?! {Ms. Zombcakes Special}

{These Photos Taken at Missing Mile}

"Hello my luvlies! It's Ms. Zombcakes coming out to show you something that just stole my unbeating heart! Have you heard of Horror Haute? Well my goodness, if you haven't...take a moment to familiarize yourself with it! Several of SL's lil creepy and spooky designers under one roof with prices that will make you scream and make the gals green with envy when they see you in these threads!"

Ms. Zombcakes is my favorite of my SL looks. She holds a real part of my heart and only comes out for special occasions. Don't ever be surprised to see me looking like a living dead pinup girl in SL, it's what I am most comfy in! When I saw this lil two piece by Skindustrial Bodyworks, it made Ms. Zombcakes pop right up from the grave! With the Frankie face and even cute lil Frankie buttons, it's a must have! Make your way over to Horror Haute and snag all the spooky goodness and prep yourself for Halloween which is approaching oh so sooon! It just melts my black lil heart to see the cute pumpkins and other Halloween decor out and about already! 
But oh and don't...for the love of it all, miss these nails by (of course) Dark Passions! I thought the black tipped nails were my favs but these came in right next to or close 2nd place! Here's a closie of them and my smexy pumps by the awesome L. Warwick.

But even that image just can't do them justice! Just go snag, go go!

Skin: .tsg. Heartless Witch (previous Enchantment item)
Hair: +Spellbound+ Suspiria // Monochromes RARE
Eyes: [Buzz] Voodoo Eyes - Fallen @ The Fantasy Collective
Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 - Blood
Blud: -SU!- Bloody Mouth
Eyebrows: .tsg. Sassy Brow *all colors & tint* (linked above)
Eyeliner: {MOON}. Obsession Eyeliner
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Monster Movie Madness @ Horror Haute

Two Piece: Skindustrial Bodyworks Monster Bikini - Frank @ Horror Haute
Heels: [L.Warwick] Revelry -Platform Heels- Ruby Leather @ Appliers Expo

1. Izzie's Pin-up #7
2. *EverGlow* - Girls596

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here Is Something You Can't Understand...

{These Photos taken at SRS Corp}

There's a new Sheriff in town folks....well not really but that's the theme I had in mind when I got all dressed up. Although heels wouldn't be my first go-to shoes for this case lol, I couldn't resist! L. Warwick has long since been on my top of the top list for 'Kick Ass SL Shoe Makers' and this heel here is no exception! I swear I wanted to just walk around all day nude in nothing but these heels. Till FK! Designs made me the happiest lil chick ever. I saw the male version of this jacket and fell in love with it. I even told him I would tape the bewbs down to wear it! But thankfully, I didn't have to go through all that as he dropped this female version which is just as edgy and versatile in our favor. I could have also used it without pants. But there's something about tight leather or latex pants that are just a win in Gia's World!
Whatever will our futuristic police officers be like? I would hope they're better equipped, better prepared and everything else. I have a certain love for law enforcement....even with the recent events that have been plastered in the news (and are not about to be plastered in Gia's World!) still, what would we be without them? And well, as for the dudes (and of course some of you ladies too!)...if a female officer like this approaches you, I'm sure you'd happily assume the position! <3 

Inspired by an old school song that I grew up hearing thanks to a person I loved very much but is no longer with us. This post, the song accompanying it, is for him. <3 my badass Bro.

Back soon with a special visit from someone who doesn't come out often but for special occasions! Stay tuned!

Skin: [Pink Fuel] Renee <Crystal> - Pure (linked below)
Hair: Truth Hair- Nissa -  black & whites
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes - Silver
Eyeliner: {MOON}. Obsession Eyeliner
Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Classic Pout Lipstick - Red
Nails: -UtopiaH- My Handy Fady Claws Blood @ Suicide Dollz
Pedicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - French Manicure - Black Tips

Top: FK! - Gothic Jacket - Female - Black v.2 (available in several different colors!)
Pants: Blueberry Aura -Mesh- Reflective Leather Pants Black
Heels: [L.Warwick] Cordelia -Platform Heels- Noir Steel @ La Metallique Fair

~*Heel Closie*~

Hat: (With HUD for many color options!): A&Y Strike Cyber Hat @ Wild West Fair

~*Hat Closie*~
Shotgun: [Body Factory] City Rebels

..::Vibe::.. - Stance (Male) set @ The Liason Collaborative

Sunday, August 24, 2014


{These Photos Taken At The Bayou}

I have a helluva lot of fun taking photos where I need to mentally come up with a character, background, storyline, etc. Since blogging, I don't have much time to get in any Roleplay and it was something I loved doing very much in SL (once upon a time). So I guess these photos are my lil release. A small delve into the world of roleplay, if only for a moment. 
The Fantasy Collective is open and their theme this round is pretty awesome! I found myself on a 'right click/buy' frenzy and bought it all (well, a lot).
Death Row Designs never ceases to amaze me with their awesome releases. Now that Jaimy has brought her sister in on the creation process and ownership of Death Row Designs, I expect DOUBLE the awesomeness! I really feel like they brought it with this awesome mask and staff. That pretty much laid my photo ideas out for me and before I knew it, I was hexing all the ebil people that ever crossed my path! (all part of the roleplay storyline lol)
The outfit was another goodie there I couldn't leave behind. I simply loved it. From the lil bones and feathers to the muddy feet. Oh and...don't forget to grab that awesome set of eyes there!
See you shortly <3

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Faith as Amphitrite Mixedtype @ C88
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * WINDBLOWN 6 * B+W-pack
Eyes: [Buzz] Voodoo Eyes - Fallen

Top & Bottom: PFC~Voodoo (LE) @ The Fantasy Collective (linked above)
Mask & Staff: DRD witchdoctor staff & DRD witch doctor mask @ The Fantasy Collective
Septum: [whatever] Septum @ TDR (previously blogged & linked)

Del May - Really?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Loving You Is Like Luvin' the Dead! {Part II: DRBC Double Banger Special!}

{These babies taken at Port of Deception}

Part deux of my DRBC special! And I brought another wonderfulness in on this party. You've got about 1 day left to get into the Black Fashion Fair and snag Dark Passions awesome corsets & nails  and then they're gone foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (maybe not, she'll probably have them in her shop and the marketplace in no time but still). Also, Dark Passions is participating in the Lovecraft Festival with 50% of the proceeds going to the Autcom charity, it's a good reason to go splurge but also...just because these designers come up with some awesome stuff for this event! Check out my amazing ring! This is a rare in the Dark Passions gacha and Bcreative or simply 'B' as I call her, really put her blood, sweat & tears in this baby! I adore it! I snuggle it randomly <3 Make your way there and enjoy yourself, look around and keep posted on the events. It's a blast!
DRBC's awesomeness is at this round of Suicide Dollz, besides the cute ass skirts, you'll want the heels! Have a closer look at the other options besides the cross print featured above!

Okay my luff & stuffs, have fun snagging all the stuff! See you soon I promise! <3

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Leyna Brows1Lips1 Nordic
Hair: *Dura* DBG52 -Women's -Black
Eyes: Ikon Spectral Eyes - Wight
Eyeliner: #adored - go-to liners (triple threat)
Tattoo: :insanya: Tattoo - Love Hurts
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - French Manicure - Black Tips

Top: Dark Passions - Luna - Corset - Black Leather & Metal (linked above)
Skirt: ::drbc:: hellion skirt - crosses @ Suicide Dollz (starting this weekend!)
Stockings: [RA] Shredded Tights - *Black*
Heels: ::drbc:: lydia shoes - crosses @ Suicide Dollz (starting this weekend!)

Necklace: -UtopiaH- Katrina Collar Onyx @ Totally Top Shelf
Cuffs: : Amorous : You
Bangles: Ronsem* Rubber Bangle (group gift)
Ring: Dark Passions - Obnoxious Tetacle Ring - H P Lovecraft  B&W - ULTRARARE @ Lovecraft Fest (linked above!)
Septum: [whatever] Septum @ TDR

Diesel Works - Erotique Female Poses (#8)
Del May - Lunch break #1
Ring & Shoe Pose-Imeka

Just A Lil Monster! {Part I: DRBC Double Banger Special!}

{All Pics Taken At the Missing Mile}

Has everyone been to District 5 already? Yes? Voted? Scene? Yes? Awesome! Actually I was so torn! I loved a whole lotta things there, just ask my wallet!
But DRBC is participating in the event! Always amazed and excited with DRBC and the new releases. It's like a "Oh my God, what's she going to do next?!" kinda thing. goes my first Double Banger Feature! I might try and do a couple of these with different designers often because...I love on too many of their things!
So my top is a District 5 release by DRBC and if you've been around the DRBC 'scene' then you know FK! Designs released these lil boots that match perfectly with the top. I've blogged these in another print already but I don't care, I'm sure you'll see them around often. I love me some FK! stuff because woooah the texture magics this guy does! If you don't know this shop, get to know it well! Check it out on facebook, flickr, and on the marketplace or go visit them in world in the link I provided below! This is a lil shop you will most definitely love!
So I ran into this lil home at the Missing Mile sim and although I was so tempted to just bust in and take all the bloggie pics, I waited and sent the owner an IM and she was nice enough to let me shoot in her lil trailer. I just loved all the lil attention to detail and realism she had in there. Matched perfectly with the theme I was going for. So thank you so much Jazzy for allowing me all up in your personal space! *smoooches*
Be back in about 2 secs with the 2nd part of my DRBC Double Banger Special!! <3

Skin: Mudskin Zes Tone2 @ C88
Hair: [LCKY] Andi // Royal Pack @ D5 linked!↑
Eyes: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Avada @ K9
Eyeshadow: -NOX. Helter Shadow [Pack One]- @ C88 (linked above)
Tattoo: :insanya: TATTOO - Stars (With appliers for Wowmeh, Slink Physique and Lolas and many different wear/layer options!)
Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 - GemPiercing @ TDR (linked below)
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions-Koffin Nails - School Daze - Chalkboard Drawings @ Pier Market
Better View of Manicure---

Top: ::drbc:: dollie pop corset - horror pop @ D5↑linked!
Skirt: ::drbc:: hellion skirt - basic black
Shoes: FK! - Rizzo 2 - Pink Horror
Tights: DeeTaleZ Pants nylon tights black ripped and solid

Collar: Cute Poison - Heretic Collar @ D5 ↑linked!
Cuffs: : Amorous : You (free!)
Rings: .Pekka. My Little Bow Ring - Fuschia & *Bad Juju* Goth Bow Ring - Spider
Headband (bow):  -UtopiaH- My Little Dolly Headband Raven (linked above)
Septum: [whatever] Septum @ TDR 70L!

1. Sari -sari-relax05
2. Sari-sari-relax06
3. ..::Vibe::.. - Stance (Male) set @ The Liason Collaborative!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Suck Me Dry

{These Photos taken at Bladerunner City}

Hello luvs! Although I usually start my blogs off with a lil rant about the badassery I am wearing or a storyline, I am going to do this one a lil different (although, look at the badassery I am wearing!). I wanted to talk about a topic that has bothered me for quite some time. I'm generally a quiet person. My circle of friends in SL is very very small. After being here for so many years, it has just been my personal learning experience to keep it that way. 
So my little rant is on blogger friendliness, mostly towards each other. When I started my little adventure into the bloggy world, I made a great friend. She warned me of jealousy, accusations, and backstabbing that happens amongst bloggers. I kind of giggled and just made a small mental note. As time passed (not too much time even) a lot of that stuff started showing. Not really towards me but I noticed others commenting rudely on photos or adding their two cents here and there on style, etc. 
I find it saddening that it's so hard to simply find people that empower you (and in RL too). Why can't we support one another and share blog posts? Be encouraged and encourage others? If someone is inspired by your style and they use it to inspire a look of their own, can you not be excited about someone finding the things you love interesting as well? And can that person take a moment to give credit where credit is due and say 'Thanks to 'so&so' for sparking my interest!'. We can do these things. 
I have been blessed to encounter a few bloggers on my journey that have proved that stereotype of mean bloggers to be very wrong. They've helped me, encouraged me, inspired me. If I am trying to find a place to shoot a picture, need an honest opinion, need landmarks, tips on editing a picture, ANYTHING!, they're polite, helpful, always. 
One of those ladies is in that top photo with me, yes she gladly went out of her way to let me suck her dry! I love my Kuppy so much and am very proud of how far she's come in her blogging. I'm inspired by her love for it all, her stylings and I adore her for being the friend she is. 
Anika, PurzAarya, & Vita (luff my Vita!) are also other fellow bloggers that I simply adore for being their awesome selves and great friends. Anika is my partner in crime and preferred pain in the ass though lol. She's the one I spend most of my time with, get in trouble with and laugh with. SL wouldn't be complete without her. 
In closing, to my fellow bloggers...encourage, share, and inspire one another. No BS, no accusations, none of that is needed. What it boils down to is all of us basically doing the same thing. Take a pretty picture, share your awesome stylings and brighten someones Second Life. <3

Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Peachy Amarder Skin w/Appliers
Hair: Dura- Boys&Girls37 (Black)
Hairbase: [Dolly] Shaved Hair Base -SpiderWeb v.2
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Sweety // Vampire Eye
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Notti @ District 5 (linked below)
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Modern Grid-- 1L Special @ The Black Fashion Fair 

Bodysuit: FK! - Buckled Bodysuit - (Black Neoprene)
Fishnets: [ abrasive ] Wrecked Holy Fishnet
Cyborg Vamp Fangs & Backpack: DRD vampire backpack & DRD Vampire borg mask @ District 5
Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic
Bracelets: : Amorous : Galvanized (Thank you Lara for suggesting such an awesome lil store!)
Cyborg Leg:  Nana - Legend Cyborg Black Leg

I don't know all of Kuppys credits. Her skirt is from FK! Designs though! Currently at Suicide Dollz! Shirt from Corvus <3

*EverGlow* - Girls575
*EverGlow* - Girls501
*EverGlow* - Girls687

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"The Machines Screamed..."

{These Photos Taken At Insilico North}

What you are seeing here my luvies, is one of Gia's all time fav ways to dress! Is she mean, nice, evil, woman, machine, all of the above? Maybe she just likes to sway while listening to some Industrial! 
I felt safe behind my lil mask due to the current outbreak happening in our world. I may have to get one of these in RL! 
My hair is a new badassery of a release from A&Y who has become one of my sponsors! *cheers* So keep it locked right here to see all the new A&Y-ness and see it done just right! It comes in multiple awesome colors or fatpack available. A HUD is included so you can tweak some lil things here and there to color it how you want.
I mashed it up with some FK! Designs and DRBC and mixed it all together and just loved the shoot so much that I couldn't narrow it down to one pick, I had to show it off from every angle. These cute lil skirts come in soooo many different colors and I think I am missing a few still but here are most of them! 

And that aint the only .gif I have for you! Dark Passions released the best nails evar! (Well, not better than my all time fav black tips but close to it!) Although they're bacon nails (*commence lol*), the design on them is purely gorgeous! They're available at the Pier Market so look for the link below and go snag em'!

See you in but a few!!

Skin: Essences {Galadriel} Pale02
Hair: A&Y Cyber Queen - Rebirth
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes - Revenge
Eyeshadow: -UtopiaH-  My Haunted Eyeshadow Blood
Tattoo: elska - Ornamental@ District 5
Manicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - The Scarlett Special: Bacon @ The Pier Market

Top: ::drbc:: veronica bralette - sandy @ Suicide Dollz!
Skirt: FK! - Tyrant Skirt - Red Abyss
Fishnet: [Le Forme] Ripped Bolero Black
Boots: FK! - Combat Queen Boots  & Leggings - Quinn Set (linked above)

Bracelets: -DRD-  limited collection - bracelets (if you dont have these already, they're not available)
Mask: -DRD-  gift metal mask (Group Gift!) (linked above)

1. Ma Vie. - Strategies 04
2. *EverGlow* - Girls576
3. *PosESioN* Yanira Set @ The Instruments